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What is Our Happy Earth Co?

Our Happy Earth Co is an agricultural initiative based in Cape town South Africa.
We manufacture and import products to help bring you closer to nature, Our goal is to maintain integrity as rule one, build our business and represent
our brands while leaving behind the smallest footprint possible.
After many years in a corporate office followed by owning and running a successful restaurant Ash & Jesse (with a want and need to get closer to nature) formed Our happy Earth Co. We have a product range that is constantly growing, from fresh juice at a farmers market to our new range of Ghost peppers that we are farming. We also make our own beeswax lip balm.

"We wanted to step back, move a bit closer to nature and build a company which is sustainable. We wanted our work to resonate with our passion rather then doing work which rewarded us with a pay check." - Ash Mair

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Because, Nature

Carbon Dioxide Generators, Mycelium powered. Big and small boxes available. Increase CO2 Levels


Plant powered solution, environmentally friendly, using all biodegradable ingredients.